Carla Panicali’s Bag

2015 - La Maddalena Archipelago National Park (Path of the “La Conigliera,” Caprera Island) - Sardinia - Italy Competition: “I sentieri dell’arte” (The paths of art) Nature and Art Biennial

Materials: outdoor fabric (artist designed screen printing) - Cellular polycarbonate.

Dimensions: m 1,8 x 0,5 x h 2,5.

A symbolic object: a “bag”, an allegorical container of ideas and cultural ideas that could hardly contain the intellectual effervescence of Carla Panicali.

The intention is to remember a gallery owner and collector who was a master of ceremonies for contemporary art. She wanted art to form her life, and she became one of the most illustrious witnesses of the art of the last century.

With this image of “Carla Panicali’s Bag”, Maria Dompè wanted to recall, ideally, her connection with her island: a “bag” that contains, metaphorically, the nature and the territory of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. A land she greatly loved and experienced as an oasis of rest and relaxation from her incessant creative energy, the consequences of a cosmopolitan culture.

Quoting the words of Maria Dompè during the presentation event of the work:
«I can still recall her words of love towards this angle of uncontaminated nature: “The Maddalena is not only the colors of unforgettable seaside sunsets, but also the scents, the wild flowers, the wind… the essence of a privileged land.”

Carla was the companion and wife of a native artist of the La Maddalena: Carlo Battaglia, creating a couple of multi-faceted artistic vitality.

This is a happy but also a privileged occasion for me to remember Carla, an female icon for modern and contemporary art, a loyal friend, a volatile personality, often difficult due to her frank and direct character, but also capable of forceful enthusiasm.

I consider it only appropriate that this happy island (La Maddalena) will pay tribute to her memory, and I am honoured to have been the means of soliciting this remembrance with this small, symbolic work, small in size but large in my feeling of gratitude: Don’t forget Carla Panicali!»