SURSUM CORDA! (lifted hearts!)

2019 - Rome - Scala Santa

Materials: Linen fabric, flowers (Roses - Dianthus - Hydrangea - Agapanthus - Cymbidium - Dendranthema).

Dimensions: m. 15 x 2.25 (28 steps of marble stone).

Event realized with the precious collaboration of the roman Cultural Association TRAleVOLTE

An intimate occurrence to express and represent the hidden voice of the soul.
A place full of incredible mystical energy such as the Scala Santa has already involved Maria Dompè who here for the second time (the first in 2006 with an offer to the Burmese monks) intervenes with respectful levity, seizing a unique, unrepeatable opportunity. The real vision, without filters, of the ancient marble matter of the Scala Santa (the Jerusalem staircase leading to the praetorian palace of Pontius Pilate, dismantled and transported to Rome, at the request of Saint Helena, mother of the emperor Constantine) climbed by Jesus Christ for the trial of Holy Friday, capable of emanating an enormous potential of transcendental strength. Acquiring over the centuries a powerful connection between cause and effect: the tragedy of a religious event and the ancient traditions of an incessant devotional cult. An ethereal image of the power of faith: able to dig furrows in the marble stone, creating vivid imprints, full of drama. Precisely because of the enormous flow of devotees climbing the steps. In 1753 it was decided to safeguard the sacred monument with a wooden protection that in recent months has been removed for a necessary restoration, which led to discovering an unexpected reality. Thus allowing an exciting visual experience of particular charm that it will soon be impossible to replicate, as the adequate wooden covering will be restored. For this rare opportunity Maria Dompè has created a ceremony in respect of the spiritual value of the site.

A careful selection of white flowers, linen sheets of ancient charm, a sophisticated overall chromatic study, perfectly integrated into the general color scheme and the sacredness of the context. A functional essentiality, expressed with materials that have an evanescent impact, resting lightly, showing a clear, tangible, respect for the place. Religion that sublimates art and, in turn, produces a fertile exchange of substantial elements of the soul. A fruitful reciprocity of nourishment for the soul itself.
Dompè demonstrates a spontaneous religious sensibility, free from conventions. A sensibility that follows the essence of spirituality in every religious belief, with a natural and unconditional respect for every culture. She is an intense believer and, in a broad sense, pursues the divine matrix of every religion, without constraints and limitations. Her religious approach is sincere, as sincere is the innate need for spirituality that reverberates in all of her artistic work.
As an experienced explorer of conscience, Maria Dompè expresses an enormously expressive yet tenuous, delicate energy (just as a light and gentle approach must characterize the exploration of your own feelings) in apparent contrast between the power of the message (often with a strong social impact) and the artistic representation itself. The deepest inspiration Maria draws from the emotional side, the hidden one, like many before her, but when you manage to create a direct connection with the heart: art becomes poetry of the soul.