Il Giardino nel Giardino (The Garden in the Garden)

2006 - Rome, Casa Luigi Muratori. PERMANENT INSTALLATION

Materials: druze of hyaline quartz crystals, earth, lawn, garden plants.

Dimensions: m 15 x 7 x h 0,2/0,8.

Dompè designs a green setting for a place of sentiment. Inside an intimate dimension that encloses the private sphere of the owners.

Small green “hills” covered with dichondra plants, with apparent modularity, suggesting a non-earthy suspension. Like maternal breasts, playing on the verb “to welcome” with an ascetic inspiration.

The light enters the garden creating a game of shadows, mixing the real and unreal in a kind of imaginary picture of the spirit. At the center a stone of hyaline quartz crystals impresses a sign: a fragment of tangible memory.