my name is… il mio nome è…

2018 - Rome - MACRO ASILO - Meeting area

Materials: Sand, flowers, PVC adhesive, perfumed essences, sound.

Dimensions: m 20 x 11. _____________ Testimonials collected and elaborated by F. Calicchia; F. Cecconi; J. De Blasio; A. Desideri; M. Ionascu; F. Pietrisanti.

my name is… il mio nome è…
Know the other and their reality

There are initiatives that have the gift of influencing our collective sense of social thought. When this happens with a careful, light touch and coherent spirituality, these initiatives can avoid any specific political label. They shun, therefore, simplistic ideological exploitation and go beyond.

« “A sea of names”: the Mediterranean. A moment of reflection for a multitude, now silent, who repose in its waters and for all those who still flee from the tragic reality, crossing a “bridge” towards dignity and liberty.
Culture is the awareness which allows us to have a correct, autonomous, formation of ideas. Starting with this inescapable axiom, an art project is created that speaks to our social lives and that listens to the Other. Seven migrant women have told pieces of their stories of lived experiences, their own liberation but, above all, that of a silent female world, forced to submit to daily degradation. Their past, present and future have become our stories.
By being available for the needs of others and by sharing the ethical principle of inclusion, we can shatter barriers and prejudices that distance us from the true essence of the Italian people: the warmth, positivity, hospitality of a great Mediterranean country, the centuries-old cradle of arts and traditions.
Meet to know: because a blanket of suspicions and conditioning, both real and amplified, is wrapped around our minds, dividing us, and influencing a proper comprehension of the Other. We have all become disorientated, distancing ourselves from informed participation, which is the guarantee of an essential democratic function ». (Event on 28 November 2018)

Maria Dompè bursts onto the scene, in a special historical moment, with the energy of her artistic intentions. Disclose to know, allowing autonomous, free, orientation of thought. A simple intention, nearly banal in its obviousness, but, nevertheless, bold and symbolic in today’s world. We need the willingness to listen and undoubted determination to move against the popular current, and giving voice to six African and one Kurd immigrant women.
Seven stories of lives lived dramatically, all women, read and performed by Paola Casale during the evening of the event.
An artistic representation with a theatrical impact, in an alternation of emotions provoked by the vision of the poetic scenography. The work is further enhanced by a knowing use of lighting and by listening to the difficult stories accompanied by the targeted and incessant audio. In this mix of emotions, Dompè accomplishes an intense effluvium, and manages to touch the emotional chords of a involved and moved public, making a journey into the intimacy of the soul, in search of lost truths: the essence of moral truths before civil ones.