"Trees are the Earth's endless effort to speak to the listening Heaven." R. Tagore

2023 - Rome - Eschilo Sporting Village PERMANENT INSTALLATION

Materials: shaped earth, stone, cor-ten slabs, lawn, trees: Prunus and Magnolias, various botanical floral essences..

Dimensions: 1,600 sq. m..

Viridas: the power (energy) of an intent.

Can a visionary image of a erudite ambassador of “green” trigger reflection by accompanying a user on the path to a sports field?

Already in the title of the work, the author defines the orientation of her artistic intent, as well as in this quotation from the Indian poet R.Tagore, Nobel laureate:

“Trees are the Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening Heaven.” There is a link between Nature and Soul, the “green” is able to connect both.

Maria Dompè desires to give a stylistic identity to an area that connects playing fields at a sports club, while, at the same time, not failing in her social commitment.
She “gets her hands dirty” as she enters with pragmatic fervor into every place where it is necessary to push for an environmental culture. The proposal is for a concrete art, attentive to needs, promoting a new ethical renewal, apolitical and future orientated — a preparation in order to guarantee a future that respects all the inhabitants of planet Earth.
Artists have always anticipated the future needs of humanity. In 1991 Dompè began her itinerary by indulging her landscape sensibility, and foreshadowing what has now turned into an inescapable necessity: rebalancing the relationship between human beings and Nature.
In this new initiative, Maria Dompè entrusts the visionary power of an image with a message. If reaching the playgrounds by traversing walkways of ancestral impact, embraced by the dominant viridity, surrounded by the chromatic energy of flowers, penetrating a circular symbolism, if all this procures pleasant sensations of well-being, then, a consequent broader reflection on the harmony and balance of a violated Nature will follow!